Nour Jaouda is an Egypt-based Libyan artist, born 1997.

She is interested in the tactile process of constructing and de-constructing cultural motifs, found objects and historical narratives in order to challenge conventional ideas of identity formation. Her works attempt to orchestrate anachronistic, personal and collective mise-en-scènes that simultaneously echo traditional Libyan craftsmanship and imported western value systems, narrativising notions of placement/displacement, cultural mobility and the fluidity of our historical identities. 



 -  Modern English School, Cairo, Egypt                                                2004-2014

 -  The Ruskin School of Art, BFA, Oxford University                                  2015-2018  


Selected Exhibitions:

 -  Feb 2016                                                                         'Oh The Shoe Has Been Lost', Solo show, Dolphin Gallery,                            St John's Oxford

 -  April 2016                                                                       'Apiary', St Catherine's College, Oxford

 -  June 2016                                                                         'Ruskin Preliminaries', Ruskin High St

 -  Feb 2017                                                                         'Zodiac', Turl Street Art Festival, Lincoln College

 - April 2017                                                                'Façade', St Catherine's College                                          (Curated and Exhibited)

 - May 2017                                                                      'A Khawajat Complex', Solo show, Dolphin Gallery,                                   St John's, Oxford (Curated and Exhibited)


Upcoming Exhibitions:

 -  April 2018                                                                        Catz Arts Week, St Catherine's College, Oxford

 -  June 2018                                                                          Ruskin Degree Show, The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford





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