Nour Jaouda is a Cairo-based Libyan artist, born 1997. 


Through painting, textile design and installation art, she examines issues

of identity, cultural mobility and the aesthetics of displacement in the context

of Egypt’s cultural landscape. She is interested in the tactile process of

constructing and de-constructing cultural motifs, found objects and historical

narratives in order to challenge conventional ideas of identity formation.

Her work is driven by ideas of liminality and the state of being in-between.

She explores the precariousness of our historical identities and engages

with identity as a notion being defined by an ever-changing fluidity that

belongs to the future, as much as to the past.

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 2015-2018  The Ruskin School of Art, BFA, Oxford University

 2004-2014  Modern English School, Cairo, Egypt

Selected Exhibitions:


 2016   'Oh The Shoe Has Been Lost', Solo show, Dolphin Gallery

 2016   'Apiary', St Catherine's College, Oxford

 2016   'Ruskin Preliminaries', Ruskin High St

 2017   'Zodiac', Turl Street Art Festival, Lincoln College

 2017   'Façade', St Catherine's College (Curated)

 2017   'A Khawajat Complex', Solo show, Dolphin Gallery(Curated)

 2018   Catz Arts Week, St Catherine's College

 2018   'Khareetet Al Galabeya', Solo Show, Dolphin Gallery

 2018    Ruskin Degree Shows, The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford

 2018   The Emery Prize, ‘between the borderlines', Pembroke Art Gallery

2019 A Liminal Object, Numeroventi Artist Residency, Florence

2019 PLOP Artist Residency, London

2019 Townhouse Gallery Artist Residency, Cairo, Egypt (Upcoming)